Pilot Man Cooler Fans


Pilot Man Cooler is an Industrial cooling fan with aluminium die cast axial type impellor mounting directly to a hi-efficiency motor in Pedestal/Tubular/Wall mounting (Bracket Type) models.


  • High air velocity in axial direction
  • Powerful jet blast device for instant industrial heat stress relief
  • Hero dynamically alesigned and dynamically balanced blades to ensure powerful blast of air
  • Well designed epoxy power coated guards to offer better resistance to corrosion and provided with a sturdy base for stability
  • Higher air spread at large distance at minimum consumption of power
  • Generally conforming to IS: 6272-1987


Comforming to IS 6272-1987

Size of Fan(mm)4504506007509001200
Speed (RPM)1400280014001400960960
Power Consumption (HP)121235
Air Delivery at 10 times blade sweep (m3/h)102002040025500340005100068000
Minimum Peak air velocity at distance of
10 times blade sweep (m3/min)
Minimum Peak air velocity at distance of
12 times blade sweep (m3/min)
Minimum Peak air velocity at distance of
15 times blade sweep (m3/min)


Pilot Man Coolers are useful for industrial application such as :

  • Steel plants and foundries.
  • Rubber processing plants for rubber drying.
  • Cold storages where edible commodities and perishables must be dired.
  • Cooling brick kilns